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May 02, 2010


nevada divorce attorney

Sometimes anger covers all understanding, you wont able to figure things how they should be.


nice post

parental responsibility

I have a friend who lives in Florida and she said that parental responsibility really matters. I think my friend should read this post. I know that she has a lot to share.

Pamela S. Wynn

Yes Sharonda, this law applies to all Florida cases if there is another parent entitled to time sharing - unless you have an agreement that has some other method for relocation.

The factors a judge considers take into account the quality of relationship that exists between the non-moving parent and the child now and whether that same quality can be maintained after the move.

Sharonda Cannion

does this relocation petition apply even when the divorce was entered into in 2003 and the father was and still is an active duty service member and is stationed 3 time zones away. He only filed for custody and showed interest after i relocated because i no longer had income due to a medical disability.

Bruce "the Mid-Life Mentor"

Even when it is clear, pain and anger cause the parties to do vengeful actions. There is where the trouble comes in this situation. Do you have any stories about how a parent representing him or her self was able to navigate this without representation?

Paula Eder

Thanks, Pamela - As always you break down complex and contentious matters and present them in such a calm, comprehensive, and comprehensible way. I really appreciate the ways that you share your considerable expertise with us!

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