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December 10, 2010


Chris Johns

I have been paying child support for ten years through an IDO in Orange Co.,FL. My daughter turned eighteen last month. My son turned eighteen three years ago. My child support payment amount did not change when my son turned eighteen. Have I legally overpaid child support for the past three years?
Also, now that my support obligation is over, my ex has come forward with years of bills from uncovered medical expenses and co-payments that she says I owe her. She has not presented me with any bills for the past five or six years. She has waited until the end to present these bills to me and has asked the court to extend my support payments until the amount is paid. Can she do this and get away with it? We have a meeting with a General Magistrate in two weeks for what was supposed to be a simple agreement to end the IDO.
Any advice would be so appreciated.

Thank you,

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